11 luglio 2017


The Priest: There comes a time in man's search for meaning when one realises that there 

are no answers. And when you come to that horrible, unavoidable realization, you accept 

it or you kill yourself. Or you simply stop searching. I have lived a blessed life. And yet 

every night, when I climb into bed, turn off the lights, and stare in to the dark,  

wonder:" Is this all there is?"

Jackie Kennedy: You wonder?

The Priest: Every soul on this planet does. 

But then, when morning comes, we all wake up and make a pot of coffee.

Jackie Kennedy: Why do we bother?

The Priest: Because we do. You did this morning, you will again tomorrow. 

Because God, in his infinite wisdom, has made sure it is just enough for us.

E se non fosse abbastanza per me?